bad decisions

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it took me 2 hours to get to work. ok, fine 1 hr and 50 minutes, but close  enough.

it was just one of those mornings where every choice was the wrong one. first, i just didnt wanna get outta bed, happens a lot but usually fine. except i forgot it was supposed to snow. snowfall wasnt too bad, about an inch, but then it takes about five minutes to clean off my car, and im already about five/ten minutes late.

i have two options to get onto 95 to go to work. I usually go through my town and pick up 95 a little more south, so this is option A, option B goes through a neighboring town and takes about 2 miles longer, so like every day i take option A. but then i got stuck in traffic right outside of my neighborhood, i think there had been an accident and so to get about half a mile took 10 minutes. a few minutes after that i get stuck in charter school traffic, this happens everyday, but its usually just a minute or two, nope another 10 minutes. I’m thinking goddamn i really shouldve taken option B.

Less than a mile on the highway, car accident, but that only took a few minutes. but with the snow, everyone is doing about 30-40, which was fine cause i really didnt wanna go faster, but i was only a quarter of the way to work by the time im normally there. i live in foxborough, massachusetts, i work in north kingstown rhode island.

this is where my next choice is, i can stay on 95 or take 295. 295 is longer but usually less traffic. however, its only 2 lanes and has a higher speed limit. considering the snow, though when getting closer to RI was freezing rain, i didn’t want to go fast, and i know people wouldve still been flying, and if theres an accident i would’ve really been screwed, so i stayed on 95.

for the most part it was fine. then from the rhode island state line to providence place mall was bumber to bumber. providence place is about the halway mark of my 43.4 mile (one way) commute. by the time im passing the mall, im 10-15 mins late for work. but from here on out it was good, the freezing rain was easier to drive in, and the traffic was normal, but i was still 45 mins late to work and had been in my car for 2 hours. but if i had even made 1 or 2 of those choices better, probably wouldve been on time.



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Can I see a movie thats not in 3D please?

I don’t mind that there are movies in 3D, and some are  really good, I liked Tron Legacy. But how come it seems like everything is in 3D?

I already wear glasses, I have bad astigmatism (plus a nearsighted left eye and farsighted right eye) so contacts aren’t an option for me, and needing to wear the 3D glasses on top of it is a hassle. Over the weekend I saw Green Hornet, and after about the first 15 minutes I just took off the 3D glasses, because of that the image wasn’t as sharp, but still easily watchable. So really, what was the point of making it 3D?

I suppose I wouldn’t really be so upset if it weren’t for the fact that I had to pay a $4 surcharge for the 3D which I had to pay because there was regular version.

Underage Drinking

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No, I don’t agree with underage drinking, but yes of course I did drink before I was 21. And I also don’t believe the drinking age should be as high as 21.

Anyway, I heard a commercial on the radio against underage drinking, the “under 21 it just takes one to be over the limit.” It’s not the best, but not horrible. I pretty much had a problem with the  rest of the commercial, a college girl bought her younger brother and his friends beer and one of the kids drove into a tree and died. And it’s just ridiculous because they make it seem like people over 21 don’t do dumb shit like that too. I just don’t think it was a good commercial because it wasn’t specific enough to the under 21 age group.


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Why don’t vegetables have nutrition facts?

I know they’re good for me, thats a given. But, for example, carrots aren’t as good for you as some other veggies, they have a lot of sugar. Celery is great for people who want to lose weight or maintain because its a negative calorie food, it takes more calories to eat and process in the body than the actual amount of calories that comes from it.

But the only reason I know this is from my sister whose a nurse. I don’t want to have to go online to find out about fruits and vegetables. Beyond calories, whats the point in knowing the percentages of whatever I need, when I don’t know what foods even give me what.

Free Time

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At home I only have dial-up. This is because I still live at home, my parents don’t go online, and my mom doesn’t like Comcast, which I can respect.

Because of my dial-up I don’t see the appeal in being on youtube, just to see what people are doing. I listen to music on a radio or (gasp) cd’s. And anything with pictures and photos, forget it. It takes me from 20 to 45 minutes to read my webcomics if I read them at home. Dr.Mcninja, I’ll have to reload it a few times. Megatokyo takes about 5 minutes.

I only have a fast internet at work or someplace with wifi, but I’m never comfortable at a cafe. So when I’m at work and have some downtime, instead I read news articles on my homepage npr, or on Borders.

Before, I had always considered myself apathetic in terms of politics, economics and government in general.Yet lately I’ve found myself getting more and more into these articles, reading more of the related stories trying to understand it more.

And what did I find myself wikipedia-ing because of it all? Keynes, Micro & Macroeconomics and Aggregate Spending.

It made me stop and think, I am probably an extremely atypical 23 year old.

Curiosity Traffic

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You get sucked into it every time. You see the flashing lights up ahead, but you can’t tell if its on your side or theirs, everyone ahead of you is slowing down, so you do too.

After a little while you realize its on the other side, but everyone is still driving slow. So of course you take a quick glance and next thing you know theres fifty feet of empty road in front of you and you step on the gas. At this point I always check my mirror thinking the guy behind me is pissed, but he got sucked into it too and he’s thirty feet behind too.



Come Out and Play

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Ok, so its been awhile. I’ve been in a fit of hopefulness lately, so I’ve been updating. Though I’m sure I’ll probably forget and be lazy again before january is out, but it is a new year, you never know, I may break bad habits.

So, the title up there, its an Offspring song, a really good one to from one of their early albums, Smash. Self-Esteem is also on that album.

So, I did get to that show in Lowell, it was a blast, Sum41 opened up for them, and that was cool cause I haven’t really heard them in forever, I didn’t know they were still together to be honest. My bf got their hot sauce, Gringo Bandito, and hes hooked on it.

I actually saw them again this past summer, they did the unity tour with Pepper and 311. it was fun, but there was hardly anyone there to see Offspring, it was all for 311, and they went on and it was still light out.

The plus side, I got awesome seats for cheap, and since it wasn’t crowded dexter and noodles both saw me, and I became a total fan girl, it was kinda funny.

We left  early so that we wouldnt be trapped in traffic for forever, but that was the good thing with offspring going on early, didnt miss any of their set. And my bf made sure he picked up 3 more bottles of gringo bandito. When he went to work one of his coworkers tried to buy a bottle of him since when she saw them in NY they werent selling any.